Case study of the day – Nyiragongo Volcano


Add you contributions below in the comments box to build up lots of useful case study info about this volcano and the hazards it creates, impacts of eruptions, social and political factors etc


5 responses to “Case study of the day – Nyiragongo Volcano

  1. This area has suffered terribly from inter-tribal conflict between the Hutus and tutsis. Distrust led to many taking their chance with the volcano rather than risk being attacked in refugee camps.

  2. Effects
    •13km fissure opened in the south of the volcano.
    •From this lava formed a 600m wide, 2m deep stream that reached Goma in a few hours, causing fires.
    •This destroyed 4500 (15%) of Goma’s buildings leaving 120,000 homeless.
    •147 people were killed (Relatively low for an LEDC thanks to warning systems) due to a mixture of collapsing buildings and asphyxiation from CO2.

  3. Destruction and devastation impacts
    1, Rivers of lave poured into the Rift Valley destroying 14 villages
    2, Goma Airport was hit by a lava flow igniting aviation fuel stores.
    3, Lava reached Goma destroying 15% of buildings and leaving 120,000 homeless.
    4, 300,000 people migrated into neighbouring Rwanda which had social impacts
    5, Toxic gases released from lava flowing into Lake Kivu

  4. How long before the actual event was it known an earthquake would likely occur in the near future?

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